Not all those who wander are lost.

The Balkan Peninsula

After spending one week on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast in 2006, I knew I would be coming back.  Having been through Roman, Venetian, Ottoman, and Hapsburg rule, this region is a melting pot of architecture, art, history, culture and religion. United under Tito’s rule for decades as Yugoslavia and then torn apart by a devastating civil war which saw ethnic genocide on all sides. To say the recent history is complex is an understatement.

I spent five weeks in the summer of 2012 trying to learn and digest as much as possible. The following are my photo collections, separated by area. Bear with me as it is a work in progress…(click on the title to be directed to a page with the full gallery)

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Photos taken on August 16, 2012

Of the 8 national parks in Croatia, this is the largest and most famous. Its sixteen lakes, varying in color from emerald to turquoise to azure, lush vegetation, and the waterfalls around every bend make you feel like you’re in Eden.

Korcula Island, Croatia

Photos taken from August 7-11, 2012

Birthplace of Marco Polo, home to one of the only sandy beaches in Croatia, and famous for its production of Grk and Pošip white wines, this island is not to be missed!

Split (16)

Split, Croatia

Photos taken August 12, 2012

Pedestrian-only streets paved in white marble, lively bars built within ancient walls, boats cruising the glittering Adriatic, old men strumming mandolins to the tunes of classic folk songs, what’s not to love about Split??


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