Not all those who wander are lost.

Gulet Cruise – Turquoise Coast

The Southern coast of Turkey on the Mediterranean, appropriately called the “Turquoise Coast,” stretches nearly 1,000 miles and is where I’ve made my home for the past couple months.  The Toros Mountains seem to dive right into the crystal clear sea, forming some of the most jaw-droppingly (yes, it’s a word) gorgeous coves and bays in the world. It’s no secret that perhaps the best way to see a dramatic coastline is from the sea. Since my first day in Olympos, I’ve been dying to jump on one of the Blue Cruises offered by the next door travel office, and I had an opportunity to join a few guests at Bayram’s who had become great friends of mine.

The cruise is a 3 night/4 day trip aboard a Gulet vessel (a wooden yacht, built in the style of centuries past). We started in Olympos and made our way to Fethiye, stopping in Kekova, Kas, Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley, and St. Nicholas Island. My days were spent tanning on the roof deck, hiking up waterfalls, ascending the stairs of amphitheaters, swimming in pristine water, gliding over an ancient sunken city, and exploring Lycian tombs. My nights were spent sleeping under the stars, softly rocking back and forth in the calm Mediterranean tide.

The following gallery is a collection of photos in which I tried to capture the beauty of this coast, though I must admit it’s impossible to do it justice.


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