Not all those who wander are lost.

Le Lucciole

A few days ago, I initiated La Passegiata – the evening stroll – with just the girls: Vera (9), Anna (7), and Lea (5). We had several family friends over for dinner and when the conversation turned to more serious topics (recent passing of the grandfather), I thought it was best to distract the kids.Le Lucciole.

Tutti fuori! Everyone outside! We threw on our shoes and took off down the hill. I was just when the glow of the streetlights faded that I saw them. Le Lucciole. Dancing specks of light, twinkling like stars all around. I am so grateful to have learned, in Olympos, how to truly appreciate the moment. Because  in those precious moments time froze, I was a child again, and I frolicked through a field with three girls, trying desperately to capture a firefly.


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