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Hot Water Beach

Being in the Southern Hemisphere means that early August is the dead of winter.  The wind howls, the ocean is numbing, and it gets dark at 5pm.  You can move your swim suit to the back of your drawer; it’s not going to get any use for the next few months.

Unless you’re on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula.

Hot Water Beach (yes, that is the official name) is home to two underground hot springs. I know, I know. Hot Springs aren’t exactly the most earth shattering topic to write about. So what makes these ones blog-worthy?

First, the fact that you’ve gotta check your tide tables.  Second, they come with a stunning ocean view.

Hot Water Beach

The springs are covered by the surf for the majority of the day.  However, at low tide the ocean recedes far enough to make them accessible. Grab a shovel and BAM!  Instant spa!!

The water at its exit point is 64C (147F) – too hot for most.  But simply dig a few feet from the center and the cold water from the ocean mixes with the hot water to create the temperature of your choosing.

Don’t get too comfortable – when the tide comes back in, that water’s freeeeeeezing!